Electric scooters are becoming increasingly popular means of transport in Europe. Especially in big cities they fulfill their function, allowing to quickly and safely avoid traffic jams and to get to work, school or shopping without any problems. Electric scooters also work well in small towns and are also a good alternative for older people or people without a driving licence. The elderly and disabled benefit from three-wheel electric scooters, which offer safety and above all broaden their possibilities.

You can choose from many models of electric scooters in our shop. You will find popular brands, as well as those less known. Among others: Sunra, Horwin, Lvneng. We will match the electric scooter to your financial possibilities, and we will help you to choose the most suitable scooter for both men and women.

The offer includes scooters requiring a driving license cat.B, but also those where you can ride just having an ID card and being of age.