Miku Super, a breath of fresh air straight from Sunra!

Miku Super

Sunra is back in style! Chinese manufacturer of electric vehicles, known, among others from Robo-S, Havana or Hawk scooters, at the beginning of the year, he launched an improved version of the popular Miku Max model – Miku Super, which will probably become the next success of the brand and soon will also be available in the Iamelectric offer!

Recall – Sunra is one of the world leaders in electric mobility. Electric cars, bicycles, scooters and motorcycles are signed with the Asian manufacturer’s logo. Every year, more than four million electric vehicles come out of the Sunry stable, and the newest Miku Super Sunra is an innovative combination of energy and sport that will emphasize your individuality and character. The model was made with attention to every detail and is available in many color variants.

Sunra Miku Super

The simplicity and lightness of driving the scooter will allow you to reach wherever the wheels carry you. The double Miku Super reaches its maximum speed in only 8.5 seconds, and can travel up to 135 km on a single charge. The brushless motor with high torque and 3000 W power allows to reach a maximum speed of 85 km / h. Front and rear disc brakes with CBS braking system ensure optimal braking performance. Intelligent engine controller and hydraulic shock absorption system significantly improve driving safety and allow you to cope with all road conditions. Front and rear hydraulic shock absorbers give a double feeling of comfort.

The Miku Super electric scooter is equipped with two lightweight and portable 72V 40Ah lithium batteries each, and their full charging takes only 4 hours. The vehicle has three forward and one reverse driving modes and a brake button. It takes full advantage of the lighting system entirely based on LEDs. In practice, this means less energy consumption and brighter lighting. The digital display installed in the scooter shows the number of kilometers traveled, speed and battery charge level. The Miku Super model has been manufactured in accordance with the 320 mm waterproof standard, thanks to which it can move even in the most difficult conditions, including ride on water and climb hills at an angle of 27 °.

Advanced technique

Miku Super has a modern USB port for charging a mobile phone and a spacious storage compartment. In addition, this scooter model can be connected to Android or iOS using a dedicated application. Thanks to this function, you will be able to control the alarm, turn the scooter on and off, check the condition of the vehicle and check the tire pressure. Using the application, you will also be able to open or close the glove box, as well as configure the keys via Bluetooth. Like all modern electric scooters, the Sunra Miku Super is virtually maintenance-free. Regular maintenance only includes brakes, suspension, shock absorbers, tires and lighting.

Technical Specifications

scooter range: up to 135 km on a single charge
power: 3000W
top speed: 85 km / h
portable lithium battery: 2 x 72V 20AH
charging time: 4 h
motor: brushless, electric, high-torque
maximum load capacity: 185 kg
battery life: 2000 cycles

The Miku Super model is undoubtedly another great success of the Chinese manufacturer. We can’t wait to see its possibilities in practice. Be sure to check its possibilities!

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