How to prepare an electric scooter for the season?

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Spring is coming and with it the season for an electric scooter. However, before you go on the road with your two-wheeler, you need to take care of proper preparation. The end of winter is the best time to inspect and repair your vehicle, if necessary. Spring diagnostics of an electric scooter is much easier than with combustion scooters – you do not have to worry about the exhaust system, carburetor and changing filters and oils. Before spring comes, however, prepare the rest of your scooter for future use.

How to prepare an electric scooter for the season – guide

Start your preparations with a short test drive to help you spot any faults. Also, remember to thoroughly wash your scooter before you start, to get rid of any dust or remnants of winter driving. Clean elements will also make it easier for you to locate damage and will allow you to quickly assess the condition of the car body and the need for intervention.

Then check out the highlights of your electric scooter. Try not to overlook anything that could have an effect in later operation and affect the level of driving safety.

Step-by-step preparation of the scooter for the season

Below we have listed the most important stages of a scooter or electric scooter inspection after a winter break:

Battery and Electrical System – If you have properly stored the battery from your electric scooter, you are further than halfway to enjoy a trouble-free winter ride. We hope you remembered that temperatures below 0 ° C can significantly reduce battery life – so if your scooter has not been parked in storage during the winter – we hope you took the battery out and stored it at room temperature. If so, the battery should last up to 1000 charge cycles. If storage conditions have not been optimal, consider purchasing a new battery.

Braking system – Inspect the brake pads for wear, then check the amount of brake fluid in the hydraulic brakes. Top up if necessary. Remember that if the fluid is used for more than two seasons, it’s a good idea to simply replace it. After checking both brakes, you will need to drive again. The braking system is crucial for safety, so it is worth checking it regularly.

Steering and Suspension – Remember that any handling instabilities that you sense during a test ride should be diagnosed and corrected as soon as possible. If you feel any play in the steering wheel or excessive tilting in a curve, you can try to eliminate the fault yourself or refer to the service center. Perhaps the suspension components or the bearing need repair.

Tires – check the tires for cracks and abrasions and for carcass elements sticking out of their interior. Damage and extreme wear of the tread qualify the tire for replacement. If the check was successful, check the tire pressure and adjust it. If you do not have data from the manufacturer, the maximum pressure should be indicated on the side of the tire. Usually this is between 1.8 and 2.1 Bar with the tires cold.

Lights, indicators, horn – and all plugs and connectors. These are elements of the electric scooter equipment that should also be checked before the first winter ride.


Technical inspection of the scooter or electric scooter after the winter period is very important and affects your safety and driving comfort. We hope that our tips helped you diagnose your bike quickly and efficiently. Together with you, we are waiting for the first rays of the sun and the right temperatures. The season is almost here! From now on, you can measure the benefits in kilometers with your fully equipped electric scooter. Good way!

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