How do electric bikes work?


Electric bicycles can be seen more and more often on the streets of towns and villages. Spring is coming, and with it the cycling season that is loved by many. When the days are getting longer and it is getting warmer outside the window, we are happy to switch from cars or public transport to two-wheelers. A bicycle is an excellent means of transport – thanks to it we can avoid traffic jams and get to the destination faster. It allows you to spend time actively outdoors, and also save money.

Electric and traditional bikes

It happens that due to health limitations or the desire to ride faster and easier, especially in difficult conditions, riding a classic bicycle may turn out to be problematic. Therefore, in such cases, electric bicycles come as an alternative to traditional bicycles. How are they different from classic bikes and when is it worth choosing?

An electric bike is equipped with an electric motor that supports the ride. It is usually built into the bicycle wheel. Its great advantage is the fact that it works practically silently and the fact that it allows the cyclist to ride effortlessly even in difficult conditions and on difficult routes, for example in the mountains. An electric bike is also a great solution for getting around the city, commuting to work or recreation. As soon as you feel tired and your legs refuse to obey the hardships of pedaling, you can use an electric motor. The light weight of the bike will additionally relieve your muscles while riding.

How does an electric bike work?

In addition to the electric motor already mentioned, the battery and the electronic controller that controls the entire system are also responsible for the electric assistance in the bicycle. Most models are also equipped with a shift lever that allows you to change gears. Apart from these elements, electric bikes do not differ much from traditional bikes.

Begin your ride by pedaling just like you would on a traditional bicycle. The power transmitted from the controller depends on the strength of our muscles – with faster pedaling the power is greater, with lighter – less. To stop your bike, just stop pedaling or actuate the brake lever.

What does an electric bike consist of?

Contrary to appearances, the battery is the most important source of electric bike drive. The iamelectric bikes use a capacious lithium-ion battery. On one charge you will be able to travel up to 100 km at 25 km / h! However, the maximum number of kilometers traveled depends on the battery capacity as well as the driving mode and the terrain. It is most often available in two versions: 24 or 36V. Lithium-ion batteries also do not require long charging 3 – 4 hours are enough to fully charge.

The heart of an electric bike – the brushless motor

The power of the electric motor that electric bikes are equipped with is usually 250W. It is usually a brushless motor – it is virtually failure-free, and in addition, it is also completely maintenance-free. The advantage of electric motors is also energy efficiency, thanks to which we can travel many kilometers at relatively low costs. It is estimated that we will pay only PLN 1 for driving 100 km. The electric motor most often connects directly to the crank or is located in the front or rear wheel hub.

The controller’s task is to control the engine operation, including the transfer of energy from the battery. It includes all the elements of the driveline. Together with the motion sensor, it forms the driving assistance system. It also controls engine power if the bicycle is equipped with a throttle. The display, on the other hand, shows the current battery level, the speed at which you are moving, the number of kilometers traveled and the current gear.

Electric bike – a practical vehicle

An electric bike is a great solution for practically everyone, not only for the elderly or people with reduced mobility. It saves time and money, is eco-friendly and can be really fun. At you will find a wide selection of electric bikes, which in addition to functionality and interesting design are comfortable and safe, thanks to the mounted front and rear disc brakes and front LED light. See for yourself!

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