A mature life without limits. An electric vehicle for the elderly.

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Seniors often find it difficult to come to terms with age limitations or deteriorating health. The need for many seniors is still to be active. It is not only about physical activity, but above all about social activity – maintaining social relations, free movement and mobility. In the morning for fresh rolls to the bakery, on a sunny day to the park, to visit friends – for a game of chess or afternoon tea. Electric vehicle make it easier to move and be active.

Be independent

Old age often means weaker motor coordination, or slightly worse reflexes, deteriorating eyesight and hearing. Very often, health circumstances force older people to give up the role of a driver. This is primarily due to the safety of seniors and other road users. As a consequence, the elderly depend either on public transport or on family members who are ready to give a lift to seniors. Some people may find it difficult to walk to the bus stop, it also takes a long time. Many of them still do not use a traditional wheelchair. Still fit, but not at their peak, they often stay home, frustrated, isolated and lonely. This situation only accelerates the aging process and dementia. Torn between their previous independence and the hardships of aging, they cannot find a solution for themselves.

A solution for modern and active seniors

Not a stroller yet, but certainly not a car or a bicycle. What can active seniors do for themselves to live autonomously, inexpensively and comfortably? Activation is extremely important, as are independence. What means of transport can seniors rely on in order to remain mobile? How about an electric vehicle? And not so ordinary, but specially dedicated to the elderly and with mobility limitations, wrongly called an electric mobility scooter.

One that can comfortably go almost anywhere.

How much does an electric scooter for a senior cost? It is quite a large expense at one time – usually from a few to several thousand, depending on the model. However, when it comes to operating costs – here it looks almost perfect. An electric scooter is a saving. Not only do the costs related to vehicle registration and insurance fall off, but most of all the costs of the ever more expensive fuel – here you can drive 100 kilometers for about 0,5 EUR.

Is the electric mobility scooter safe?

An electric scooter for the elderly and handicapped usually has a three- or four-wheel structure. Thanks to this, it is stable, does not tip over, and the person riding it does not have to worry about maintaining balance. The vehicle develops low and safe speeds and additionally has safety features that automatically stop it. The operation of the scooter is trivial and very easy to read. It is understandable even for those who have not been using either a two-wheeler or a car so far. A spacious seat with armrests, sometimes with a headrest, is complemented by wide leg supports. A stable and comfortable position allows the elderly to feel confident and safe. The roomy basket for small items or shopping, which is located in the front or at the back of the vehicle, is also important. Of course – the necessary lighting and marking that ensure full visibility of the senior, regardless of the road and at what time he travels with his electric two-wheeler. An interesting model is, for example, the LIFE mobility scooter.

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