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Electric motorcycle – sounds interesting? Observing the dynamic development of the electric vehicle industry, it can be concluded that they will soon take over the automotive market. Are internal combustion motorcycles also in danger of extinction? This is more than certain. Although the interest in electric motorcycles and scooters is constantly growing. As we wrote about in the Are electric scooters the future?

If you are looking for stronger and faster solutions, an electric scooter might be for you!. Hence, the demand for electric motorcycles increases every year. Nowadays, more and more disadvantages are found in internal combustion engines – they are expensive to manufacture and maintain, they pollute the environment and have poor efficiency.

Electric motorcycle – advantages

One of the greatest advantages of electric motorcycles is the economy of driving. The only costs for electric motorbikes or scooters are the cost of their purchase and charging. If the vehicle is used in a proper way, it will successfully serve even several years. The producers of Falectra, the first Polish electric motorcycle, indicate that the cost of traveling such a distance will be only PLN 0.70! The uncomplicated design is also associated with low failure rate, and thus – no frequent replacement or repair of elements. Electric motorcycles also accelerate much faster than motorcycles with an internal combustion engine, which was proven in 2013 by Road & Track.

The electric motorcycle is also a high degree of safety thanks to its stable structure and high grip. Users of electric motorcycles also indicate quiet operation and greater driving comfort than in the case of combustion models. In addition, electric motorcycles do not emit exhaust gases harmful to health and the environment.

Scooter or electric motorcycle?

The basic criterion that you should follow when choosing a scooter or electric motorcycle is their purpose. The electric scooter is perfect for everyday city driving or for covering smaller distances. An electric motorcycle will be perfect for a longer trip out of town. It should be taken into account that both cases are electric vehicles and may need to be charged en route. Hence, before buying, you should think about the distances you want to cover and ensure that the vehicle is properly charged. Charging the battery with the quick charger takes 4 to 5 hours. This may interest you!

It is worth remembering that to move the electric scooter, you only need an ID card or you must be at least 14 years old and qualifications for the AM category. The scooter also does not reach high speeds (maximum 45 km / h), so it will not be suitable for fans of fast driving. Riding an electric motorcycle requires a current category B license for at least three years. Driving license category A1. However, if we decide to buy a motorcycle with a higher engine power, a driving license for certain categories of motorcycles will be required.

Horwin CR6 – speed, agility, range

In our offer, in addition to a wide selection of electric scooters, you will also find the Horwin CR6 electric motorcycle, which was developed for quickly moving around the city. It can reach speeds of up to 100 km / h, and one full battery charge is enough to travel up to 150 km! The model uses the most modern lithium-ion batteries on the market. The 55 Ah battery is fully charged in less than 3-4 hours. The vehicle uses two brake discs – front and rear, which guarantee effective and safe braking in all conditions. The brain of the electric bike in this case is Field Oriented Control (FOC). The large display shows all the necessary data: speed, range, driving mode, temperature and much more. This may interest you!

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