Ecological guide for the dummies. Take care of the environment!

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How fast, cheap and easy to care for the environment.

Ecology can be really simple! And although humans often have a destructive effect on our planet, it is easy to eliminate negative actions and adopt an environmentally friendly attitude. If everyone introduced minor changes to their habits and lifestyle, the processes of global warming, progressive pollution of the air, seas and oceans, waste of energy and food, and the disappearance of other species could be partially halted. Taking care of the environment brings long-term benefits.

How to care for the environment effortlessly?

It doesn’t have to be difficult at all! Not everyone has to feel up to date and join activists. There are simple ways to go about an eco-friendly lifestyle that you can integrate into your daily routine without leaving your home. Cheap, creative and planet-friendly.

HOW TO TAKE CARE OF THE ENVIRONMENT EVERY DAY? Something for the planet effortlessly. Here are simple and proven ways:

Save electricity – disconnect unused devices from the power supply, remove the plug of an unused charger from the socket, etc. Replace old appliances and bulbs with energy-saving ones.

Order electronic invoices instead of paper ones – by paying bills at the same time you protect forests and reduce the amount of waste. Don’t spend money on polluting gift wrapping paper – pack your gifts in zero waste style.

Make conscious and thoughtful purchases

Use a detailed list, do not buy more than you need, plan and pay attention to the seasonality of products. Try to buy unpackaged products. Producers reach the limits of absurdity, for example by packing peeled oranges in plastic packages. We can undoubtedly include an electric scooter among thoughtful purchases. It is a saving and an investment in protecting our planet.

Use eco-friendly cotton bags. Poles use about 11 billion plastic bags a year, cotton nets are reusable and do not pollute the environment. If you are buying one or two small items, take them in your hand or put them in a bag, do not unnecessarily take a single-use plastic bag.

Use water consciously.

If six drops of water fall from the tap within ten seconds, it will lose 12 liters of water a day, a loss of eighty liters a week, and in a year it will be four thousand liters! Cut back on bathing in favor of refreshing showers. Use economical household appliances. Instead of draining cold water (before the warm starts to run out), gather it in a bucket and water your house plants with it.

Don’t throw away the food! From the report of the Food Banks Federation from 2017, we learn that a statistical Pole throws away 52 kilograms of food per year. Converted into PLN, this gives 2,500 zlotys thrown into the trash by a family of four. Be creative with cooking, food reuse, storage and freezing.

If you do not want to use household detergents or make cosmetics yourself – buy larger packages – you will save money for your wallet and the environment (one four-liter bottle of fabric softener means less waste and less CO2 emissions than two two-liter bottles of the same product). Choose cosmetics in reusable packaging (e.g. glass) or those whose production and processing are less harmful to the environment.

When you eat out, don’t say no to disposables. Use reusable dishes, cutlery, bottles and cups. Refuse straws and excess napkins.
Whenever you can, choose a bicycle, electric scooter, public transport, electric scooters or a walk instead of a car, especially if you are traveling alone.

Instead of constantly buying new things, try to look for opportunities to trade. Don’t throw away your undamaged clothes and working equipment – give them to charities.

Sort and compost waste

So it is worth living consciously, making sound decisions and making responsible choices – for the benefit of the earth, all of us and future generations.

Deny, limit, reuse! Use your time and energy to find a balance between what is convenient and necessary for us and what will reduce the negative impact on the environment in which we live. There are many situations in everyday life that can be changed effortlessly and still be eco-friendly. Change starts with you. How you live and what values ​​you convey can protect the environment in dozens of ways. You don’t even have to get up from the couch. You can be one of the vessels of the interconnected system of sustainable development, fashionable minimalism, conscious ecology, but also the circular economy.

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