Are electric scooters the future?

electrics cooter are future

Do you dream of a quick commute to work, school or shopping? Don’t you want to waste your precious time standing in traffic jams? Does the search for a free parking space keep you awake every day? If you answered yes to even one question, it’s a sign that it’s time to change! It sounds interesting? We invite you to read!

Electric vehicles have recently conquered the streets of both world and Polish cities. At every step you can meet electric scooters, bicycles and skateboards, as well as cars that have dominated our reality. Electric scooters, dating back to the 19th century, are also becoming more and more popular! However, the first “real” electric scooters, which most closely resemble those currently moving on our roads, are due to the Italians, who were followed by the Japanese. The era of a new reality has arrived – no traffic jams, no crowded streets, overcrowded public transport and no parking problems.

Electric scooters are the future that is happening now!

Manufacturers of electric scooters are competing in creating newer and newer solutions. Thanks to this, everyone can find the right scooter for themselves, choosing from a wide range of proposals – from retro style to modern versions. Difficult choice? Don’t worry! An authorized distributor of iamelectric electrical and ecological solutions comes to the rescue.

For several years, we have been offering the highest quality electric scooters and scooters to lovers of two wheels. What distinguishes them from the competition?

First of all, value for money. Our electric scooters combine elegant design and excellent workmanship, which allows for quick, comfortable and safe movement on busy streets. A particularly important aspect for people who are not indifferent to the fate of our planet is the fact that electric scooters do not emit harmful substances into the atmosphere and do not pose a threat. This makes them ecological and environmentally friendly. And you can become eco!

Wondering how electric scooters work?

They are equipped with modern, lightweight and fast-charging lithium-ion batteries with high capacity and long-life gel batteries. Some models can be charged in just 4 hours! The battery can be removed from the scooter and charged at home by plugging it into a standard socket. We are not then dependent on power stations, which more and more are being built in Poland.

Did you know that the cost of traveling 100 km on an electric scooter is only EUR 0,5?

Impossible? And yet! For comparison, the average combustion scooter can burn 3 liters of gas per 100 km, which is about 15-20 zlotys. You also don’t have to worry about servicing costs – the electric scooter doesn’t require replacement or maintenance of parts, which means that more money stays in your wallet. With the advancement of technology, the myth of electric scooters as a means of transport for short distances is also disappearing. Nothing could be more wrong! The range of some scooters is over 100 km, which gives many possibilities.

Iamelectric electric scooters are also high class and quality brushless motors of the renowned manufacturer Bosch. The use of components from well-known brands such as Samsung, Bosch and LG is a guarantee of reliability and the highest quality.

Do you know that …

Some models of scooters, such as the Hawk Lithium Double, are equipped with a radio and USB, which you can connect your smartphone to and turn on your favorite music.

Using electric scooters up to 45 km / h does not require additional skills or qualifications, such as a driving license. All you need is an ID card!

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