A short guide on how to stylishly and safely dress up for an electric scooter

electric scooter iamelectric dress on scooter

The two-wheeling season is gaining momentum. The days are getting longer and warmer, which is conducive to city rides and short trips out of town. Therefore, we are increasingly looking for an answer to the question of how to properly dress for an electric scooter? Is it better to focus on safety and comfort, or on style and fashion? Or maybe it can be combined?

How to dress for a ride on an electric scooter?

An electric scooter, thanks to its design, provides better protection against rain and cold wind than a motorcycle. A properly selected windshield and extensive knee pads allow us to safely move over a distance of up to several kilometers, regardless of the weather. For colder days, we can additionally equip our scooter with a special coat attached to the vehicle, protecting the legs up to the knees. However, regardless of the friendly design of the electric scooter… We must prepare ourselves for the ride – equally taking care of a safe and comfortable outfit.

Protection and safety of the most important

If we are not afraid of uncertain weather, and we move the scooter at a moderate speed, we can actually travel as we like. Therefore, important elements of clothing are comfortable pants, a suitable jacket, good shoes and gloves. You should remember about knee pads, which will protect them in the event of an accident and prevent the joints from getting cold. Gloves protect against cold and abrasions in the event of a fall. A suitable jacket is one of the most important elements of a driver’s clothing – here we recommend a solid leather or textile jacket with protectors (especially on the back). It is worth considering the issue of clothing dedicated to riding a scooter or electric motorcycle. The purchase of such clothing guarantees greater safety and driving comfort.

Do not forget about appropriate footwear

Sneakers, not to mention flip-flops or sandals, will also not work on a scooter. These shoes do not guarantee adequate protection, and in the event of an accident, we are exposed to an extremely painful fracture of the heel bone. Full footwear, preferably ankle boots, is best for riding a scooter.

Helmet – the most important piece of equipment for an electric scooter driver

The most important and the only mandatory equipment for a scooter driver in Poland is a helmet, the possession of which is regulated by law. According to the regulations – we must always wear a helmet on our head. The most important issue that we should follow when choosing a helmet is our safety. Regardless of whether we are driving a motorcycle, electric scooter or electric scooter. Producers are trying to outdo each other in new ideas. We can choose classic patterns – smooth, as well as fun and colorful. We will also find something in a sporty style, in a retro design. or we will personalize the helmet according to your own design. Now, we have the possibility to personalize the helmet according to our own design!

Remember that the right outfit can save our health and life. Therefore, we recommend that you follow safety first and then fashion.

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