A short guide on how to prepare your e-bike for the season


Although you still cannot see the real spring outside the window, you can see more and more cyclists on the streets. Whether you used your e-bike in winter or stood in the basement waiting for warmer weather, it’s worth getting ready for the upcoming season. Spring is a good time to check the technical condition of the bike and take care of the possible repair of failures and defects. Check what to pay attention to in order to be able to safely and efficiently return to the bicycle paths.

How to take care of an electric bike not only during the cycling season

In order for an electric bike to be fully functional during the cycling season, it is necessary to take care of it already in winter, and to check its technical condition during regular use. Remember that your safety is the most important thing, so you should make every effort to ensure that riding an e-bike is trouble-free.

How to care for an electric bike in winter

In frosty weather, you need to store your bike properly. The most important thing is the battery, which cannot be exposed to too low temperature (not less than 10 degrees Celsius). This may damage it or adversely affect its service life. Remember to recharge it from time to time so as not to fully discharge the battery. It is also important to check the correct level of tire pressure and the efficiency of other electrical components. Remember that to enjoy a functional e-bike, you need to take care of it all year round. It may turn out that neglect in winter may have a negative impact on its condition, which will require specific and costly repairs before spring.

How to prepare an e-bike for the season – step by step

Start preparing your e-bike for the upcoming season by assessing its visual condition. Check for any mechanical damage. After the winter, the bicycle will also need a thorough washing. Specialist cleaning agents will help you, but all you need to do is wash your bike with a sponge and warm water with a little washing-up liquid.


The next step is proper bicycle maintenance. If it has not been serviced for a long time, it is worth taking it into the hands of a professional service. Thanks to this, you will be sure that all elements of the bike are working properly. However, if your bike is in good working order, cleaning and lubricating the chain should be more than enough. You can do it with a cloth soaked in a degreaser or remove it with special clips and leave it for a few hours in gasoline extraction. Lubrication can be done thanks to dedicated oils, thanks to which the chain will not squeak or rub while driving. If the intensity of bicycle use is high, it is worth considering replacing the chain with a new one. Depending on your needs, you can also maintain gears, cassette, shock absorption or brakes.

Lighting and brakes

After the maintenance, it’s time to illuminate the electric bike. If the light is running on battery, check that it has not run out during the winter. In the case when the energy is taken from the drive, there could be, inter alia, until the bulb burns out. In both cases, it is sufficient to replace the prime mover or halogen with a new one. Another important issue is checking the technical condition of the brakes, including brake pads and cables. If you feel that the bike brakes too slowly or does not stop at all while riding, you can try to degrease and then lubricate the brake components. If this does not help, have the bike serviced for repair.

Wheels and tires

Before the first winter ride, also check the technical condition of the tires and inner tubes. If they start to crack or you notice that the tread is rubbing, consider replacing the tires with new ones. Also check that there is air in them. If not, you can inflate the wheels with a pump or a compressor. Check for holes and leakage of air. If so, and inflation does not help, replace the inner tube with a new one or try to patch it up. You can do it yourself (remember to choose the right size) or on the site. Finally, tighten all the screws, adjust the gears and off you go!

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